Understanding office design and fitout

Help, we need to do something about our office! Organisations often only start thinking about fitout when changes are about to take place (or have already occurred) within the organisation. This then places them in a reactive mode, in which decisions become rushed and money can be wasted. Changes over time (often over many years) can […]


Should I stay or should I go?

Whether or not to move offices is often one of the biggest questions facing a business owner. A structured assessment process can help determine whether it is worth refurbishing your existing offices, or relocating to new premises. Refurbishing can save the considerable expense involved in an office move. Effective design often yields extra useable space, […]


Business Owners and Accountants – here’s how you can save $$$ for your businesses!

The Boom Over the last few years, many businesses have experienced increased sales and improved margins. This has (potentially) led to increased profits. However, with increased business activity there often comes an increase in costs. One of the main costs for a business is the cost of its people. The other main single cost can often be premises from which […]