The Time Has Come

Category: Blog Posted on March 13, 2019

The time has come to move premises

Inevitably, most businesses will come to the point where they decide to move. This can be prompted
by a variety of reasons – end of lease, outgrown existing premises, deciding to downsize, preparing for future growth…..or a combination of one of these…..or many other reasons.

Not all reasons to move are the same

Whilst the end outcome of relocating are similar for most businesses – that is, to find suitable premises that the business can operate out of efficiently and effectively – the reasons that various businesses move are significantly different from one another. This means that the suitability of various premises for your business when compared to others, will also differ significantly. This highlights the importance of understanding why you are moving premises….and what the implications actually mea.

Not all businesses are the same

Just like the reasons that businesses move differ greatly, so do the businesses themselves. Businesses can cross many different industries and therefore have specific needs in order to provide their products or services. By way of example, consider the differences between an accounting firm and an engineering practice. Both have offices. Both employ staff. Both serve clients. But that’s probably where the similarity ends! Having designed and fitted out offices for both these types of businesses, I can vouch that the differences in the way their offices need to be designed would mean that an accounting firm could not work well in an office designed and fitted out for an engineering practice, or vice-versa.

Even similar businesses are different

Yes, it’s true. Even businesses that are in the same field or industry can differ from each other significantly. With the advent of technology allowing for more fluid and transient staff accommodation, and the need for businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors, no two accounting, engineering, financial planning or insurance practices are the same. To suggest they were would be like saying that every owner of all accounting firm is the same!

What does this all mean?

YOUR business and move are unique. That means that not all available space is suited to your business. Some spaces are better. Some not so good. And it is a well-known fact that premises can have a major impact on business – both positively and negatively. Yet most businesses usually only talk to leasing and sales agents when looking for space. They don’t get the advice of the professionals who design offices for a living. They usually contact a designer afterwards!

So what’s the risk?

The risk is that agents are driven by one thing…and that’s not how suitable premises will be for your business. Their prime motivation is leasing or selling you their space! Sadly, business owners entrust agents to help them make what is probably the most important decision for a business – their premises.

What can you do to reduce your risk?

Talk to a designer before you look at premises. They can help you asses the suitability before you commit.