Looking for reputable fit out companies Perth? When it comes to giving your space a fresh, vibrant and functional new look and feel, here at NRG INTERIORS, our reputation for office fitouts Perth speaks for itself.

As leaders in office fitouts, Perth, we know how important it is for you to get a beautiful space that looks good from a client perspective, yet is functional as an employer and comfortable for your staff. Trying to make everyone happy can seem like a difficult prospect and it certainly can be if you choose the wrong company, or decide to go it alone.

Here at NRG INTERIORS, we offer a fully integrated office fitouts Perth service from concept to completion here in WA. Our team of professionals have worked successfully on retail, corporate and commercial projects. From large refurbishments to small office fitout design, you will receive the best outcomes. From supply an installation, base builds and turn-key solutions, no matter what your goal, our experience and knowledge will ensure you get the office you want at the quickest, most convenient and time-saving way.  There will be minimum disruption, full collaboration and we we can fit and supply cubicles, work stations, furniture and more from reputable office furniture Perth suppliers at great rates.

We have a portfolio of happy clients who can all vouch for our workmanship, work ethic, partnership working practices and finished office design Perth.

A fitout which controls costs and time, and achieves the desired outcomes, is a successful fitout. All fitouts have three main elements. At NRG INTERIORS, we refer to them at the N-R-G of fitout.

They are:

  • Numbers (costs)
  • Resources (time), and
  • Goals (outcomes)

Every client and project is different when it comes to these three elements.

That’s why you need to engage a company that understands and can control all three of these elements on your project – a company like NRG INTERIORS.

Why Choose NRG – Reputable Fit Out Companies Perth


We know that time is money. You want to be able to get on with running your successful business with minimal disruption. Your business needs are important to you and therefore important to us. When it comes to choosing fit out companies Perth, only experience and the end result can ensure 100% satisfaction deliverables and we have both. We do it all from layout planning, cabinetwork design, material selections, fitout co-ordination and cost control.


Another very important factor is budget constraints. Of course you want the best you can get without having to spend a fortune. As registered builders, with an in house design team and project managers, we work together to provide a completely streamlined process. We have built up great relationships with our suppliers and we pass those savings on to you. Plus we work with you throughout the project so everything is as it should be and there are no costly delays or additions.


We are industry leaders and have been fitting out offices in Perth since 1995 and that means we have seen it all. There is no project that we have not successfully managed and are adept at dealing with unexpected issues and outcomes. We take on all the stress so you don’t have to. In fact all you will ever see is seamless delivery of an outstanding space that perfectly fits your goals, vision and brand.

Office Fitouts Perth – How Much Will It Cost?

Fit out companies Perth can be expensive and you don’t always see the results of your spend in the finished product. Our office fitouts Perth costs are based on your office size and all the furniture that will you use.

For a full price for your office fitouts Perth, contact us and we will go through your goals and vision for the project and produce a highly competitive quote based on the scope. Our aim is to add value to your business by creating a space that boosts productivity, efficiency and staff wellbeing. In turn this will reduce absenteeism and costs.