About Us…(or more so, about you!)

Why aren’t things working in your business the way they used to?

Perth Interior Designer – Often, changes in your business or in the market can mean that the premises you run your business out of are no longer ideal, or even suitable. Sometimes, making changes will help. Other times, you might need completely new premises.

Either way, it can be a disruptive and unsettling time for you, your staff, and your clients – and that’s not ideal for your business!

And whatever you do, you want the best result.

You think I know what I need, but You’re not really sure…

Sometimes, as a result of these changes, there comes a time when you need to take some action.

Determining what needs to be done, and the best way forward can seem daunting and confusing to many business owners. What happens if you do nothing? Who do you get advice from? What information or decisions are important? Now? Later? Move? Stay?

How do you decide?

What are your options?

It’s your business, so you should have choices. That’s one of the reasons you’re in business, isn’t it?

There are usually options when it comes to the design and fitout of your business premises. These options come with varying degrees of benefits and compromises.

One option is that you can try to do it yourself, but without the necessary experience, you might make uninformed decisions which can be costly or have other detrimental consequences for your business.

Another option is to work with a qualified and experienced Perth Interior Designer who can help you get the best results given your needs and restraints.

What guarantees do you have that it will be done right?

An experienced and competent Perth Interior Designer can save you unnecessary cost, time, stress and mistakes.

Effective Perth interior design and fitout solutions can help your business grow and prosper. They can maximise the use of your floor space. They can improve staff morale and productivity. They can increase service levels to your customers and they can make your business more profitable.


You will always get the best outcomes for your business if you choose the Interior Designer who is best suited to your business and project.

Perhaps the first decision you need to make then, is who to trust and work with on the design or fitout of your business premises. And it should be a fully informed decision.

By discussing your project with NRG INTERIORS, you will be in that position.

We provide you with all the necessary information on interior design, fitout and project management so that you can make an informed decision on selecting the best interior designer for your project – whether it’s us or someone else

At NRG INTERIORS, we help businesses become more profitable!

Who we are?


Bachelor of Engineering
Diploma of Construction
Qualified Engineer
Managing Director since 1990
Past-President of DIA (Design Institute of Australia) WA
Past-National Councillor of DIA (Design Institute of Australia)
Founding Member of ASOFIA (Australian Shop And Office Fitout Industry Association) WA
Past-Committee Member of ASOFIA (Australian Shop And Office Fitout Industry Association) WA


Dip Interior Design
Qualified Interior Designer
Design Director since 1990
Past-Councillor of DIA (Design Institute of Australia) WA