Understanding office design and fitout

Category: Blog Posted on November 27, 2018

Help, we need to do something about our office!

Organisations often only start thinking about office fitouts in Perth when changes are about to take place (or have already occurred) within the organisation. This then places them in a reactive mode, in which decisions become rushed and money can be wasted.

Changes over time (often over many years) can mean that once functional spaces and facilities no longer meet the needs of your organisation, and will do so even less as time goes by. Sometimes the problem is the space itself; sometimes it is the way the space is being utilised. These are two very different problems.

Design and fitouts can often meet immediate needs, but may soon be outgrown by dynamic organisations, rapidly changing markets and technology, or simply by the passing of time itself if the process is not handled correctly.

Before you go any further, it is important to ask yourself “why do I even need new or refurbished premises?”

The first key to successful design and office fitouts in Perth is to recognise both the immediate and potential future needs of your organisation, and to understand how to translate these into appropriate solutions.

Which needs are important?

All needs (and wants) are important. Needs are essential, but wants are important too, as they may impact on staff morale and client perceptions.

Outcomes are possibly more important, as they represent the needs and wants of an organisation arranged into actions and results.

Determining how to rate and then provide for the requirements (needs and wants) you may have is not an easy process. Sometimes it is possible to deliver against all of your requirements; other times restrictions such as time or budget may prevent this from happening.

The correct process is required to provide the most appropriate and beneficial outcomes. Often, however, there are a number of paths you can take, so it is necessary to understand and evaluate the options available to you.

Do I have options?

The good news is that you always have options. The bad news is that sometimes design and fitout providers are not able to (or may not want to) lead you through a clear, simple and informative process whereby you can understand your options and make informed decisions.

As an informed client you are empowered, and an asset to the designer and design process.

This means that you can make better decisions about implications of the design and fitout, and the impact on your business, staff and clients.

But I’ve never used an interior designer before

Take comfort in the fact that many businesses (particularly new or rapidly changing ones) may not have had the need for a Perth interior designer in the past. Many businesses are able to “do it themselves” up to a certain point.

Businesses mature however, and clients and staff expect more as this happens. Businesses themselves also place greater demands on their environment with regard to functionality, flexibility and efficiency.

Your concerns about whether (or how) to engage a design and office fitouts in Perth specialist may be driven by misconceptions, fear of the unknown, or a previously bad experience. Don’t let this put you off talking to the right firm about how effective design and properly managed fitout can improve your business’ performance and promote growth.

The other decisions will then be easy!

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