Refurbish or Relocate?

Category: Blog Posted on March 13, 2019

To move….…or not to move?

Whether or not to move premises can be one of the biggest questions facing a business. Unfortunately, the implications of getting it wrong can have detrimental effects on a business! How does a business decide which is best?

The Case for Refurbishing

Refurbishing can sometimes save considerable expense as compared with relocating. Relocating means spending time looking at tenancies, talking to leasing agents, assessing whether new space meets your requirements, getting designs, costings and approvals, and then waiting for the fitout or modifications…….all before you pack up and move. This can be very distracting and a drain on your time. Effective re-design of your existing premises can often free up space which was previously underutilised. This means you can grow (or even sub-let) using the surplus space. Plus, refurbishment can often be carried out while you keep your business running……….without the stress of moving!

The Case for Relocating

New premises can improve staff morale and client engagement, and increase your efficiency and
productivity. Empty tenancies also offer a ‘clean slate’ so it can be easier to design an interior which is tailored to your business. Even fitted out spaces can be modified to suit your needs, with all the work being done before you move in, so there is no disruption to your current business.

Either way there’s Risks

It’s very easy for businesses to get poor advice or become carried away with the prospect of either option. It is important to remember that you need to make informed decisions to avoid wasting money. Given many commercial leases run for 3-5 years, the wrong decision can be very costly to your business, so it is important to get it right. After all, it is about getting a return on your investment and growing your business.

The Classic Mistake

Most businesses make their decision (to refurbish or relocate) and then go out and find a provider to help
with design and fitout. What they don’t realise is that a qualified and experienced interior design and fitout consultant can actually help with the ‘stay or move’ decision by providing advice on both options.

Sooner is Better!

Business continuity is paramount in order to avoid you incurring the extra costs of downtime, disruption or having to make hasty decisions or compromises with refurbishing or relocating. Proper advice should be sought as soon as you consider that your current premises aren’t suitable for your business. Starting sooner rather than later means more choices for you and your business.

Who should you Trust?

Look for an established interior design and fitout provider that is personal enough to care about your business, but experienced enough to advise you properly. And look for a provider where you deal directly with the owner – they own a business and they will understand your business better than a designer who has never owned or run a business! Partnering with the right interior and fitout provider can mean the difference between having a practical and efficient office or wasting your time and money!